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As part of Oracle Cloud account we have got below services listed,

  1. Oracle Java Cloud Service
  2. Oracle Database Cloud Service
  3. Oracle Database Backup Service
  4. Oracle Storage Cloud Service
  5. Oracle Compute Cloud Service
  6. Oracle Developer Cloud

We are going to discuss all above services except Oracle Developer Cloud which we will cover later once all these services are covered.

As a first step, we will start setting-up storage so that database backup and restore features can be enabled and tooling made available. To achieve this we will discuss how to setup Oracle Storage Cloud Service.

While setting-up Oracle Database Cloud Service storage type needs to be specified. To setup database storage type as “backup and local storage both”, there must be an Oracle Storage Cloud Service has to be setup and there must be a storage container created.

Oracle Storage Cloud Service is required to setup Oracle Database Cloud Service with Tooling/Backup-Restore enabled.

Oracle Database Cloud Service can be setup even without an Oracle Storage Cloud Service container but in such case Storage type must be selected as “Local Storage”.

Oracle Java Cloud Service requires Oracle Database Cloud Service account already setup because it references Database Cloud Service instance while setting-up the account.

To achieve all these setup below S/W are required,

  • Putty
  • Puttygen
  • Curl

In next post i will discuss how to setup these softwares.