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Generating Public/Private Key for Oracle Cloud Service

This is to remember that if you have selected Oracle Database 12c then there is SQL Developer 4.x with JDK 8 needs to be installed. Find download link below,


Steps to setup SSH in Oracle SQL Developer,

  1. Start SQL Developer 4.x

sqldeveloper2. Open “View” menu-> click “SSH”. It will open SSH Panel in SQL Developer.

sqldeveloper-ssh3. Right click on “SSH Hosts” and add “New SSH Host”

sqldeveloper-ssh1In the above screen, specify attribute values as given below,

Name – Specify Name of our choice. Prefer specifying name based on Oracle DB Cloud Service Name so that it will be easy to remember.

Host – Host must be the Public IP of Oracle Database Cloud Service.

Port – Leave it as is to 22.

User Name – It must be the administrator User Name of Database Service i.e. oracle.

  • Check “Use Key File” checkbox and browse “Private Key file” generated in earlier blog.
  • Check “Add a local port forward” checkbox also.
  • In below properties, specify Name – any name of your choice

Host – It must be Public IP of Database Service.

Port – It should be the port specified for your Database Service e.g. 1521

  • Make sure you check “Automatically assign local port”

After doing all, right click on this new SSH Host and click “Connect”