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Make sure you have setup “SSH Connection for JCS” as explained in earlier blog and SSH connection is open.

Refer: Setting up SSH for Oracle Java Cloud Service

  1. Open JDeveloper (The Version I have used is JDeveloper 12.1.3.x)

2. Go to “Window” Menu and select “Application Servers”. It will display Application Servers Panel.

jcsjdev3. Right Click on Application Servers and Add New Application Server,

jcsjdev14. Select “Standalone Server from the below screen,

jcsjdev25. Specify Connection Name = Any Name, Connection Type = Weblogic 12.x as below,

jcsjdev36. Specify User Name and Password created for Weblogic Connection while setting up JCS Connection.

jcsjdev47. Specify hostname = localhost, Port = 9001 and weblogic domain = domain copied from weblogic console.

jcsjdev58. Click “Test Connection” it will show like this. All connections success. Clock “Ok”. And use this Weblogic Server connection for deployment etc activities from JDeveloper directly.