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Open Weblogic Console. Click on services from left panel. Click “Datasource” under “services”

jcsdsn2. Click “Lock & Edit” to enable “New” Button on the right. Cleck “New->Generic Data Source”


Name = it could be specified as any logical name

JNDI Name = This could be any thing (I have specified “jdbc/” and Oracle Database Cloud Service Name)

Database Type = Oracle

Click “Next”

jcsdsn2Database Type = Oracle

Database Driver = As specified above. You can choose these setting based on your DB and driver.

On next screen, “Simply click “Next”. It will open below screen,


Database Name = It is ORCL unless you have changed while creating database Cloud Service Instance.

Host Name = Enter your Database Cloud Service name

Port = 1521

Database User name = SYS as SYSDBA. Enter whatever user name you have specified for Database Cloud Service.

Password = Password for the connection which was specified while DBaaS creation.

Click “Next”

On the next page, Click “Test Configuration”. it should be success.

Click “Finish”.

Now refer this data source from your application and have fun!